Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Inspiration

Dance most people say it’s a hobby, but I call it a dedication. The feeling of when I just get done doing a flawless spin takes my breath away. Dancing is my escape. When good goes bad, I dance. I dance for myself, not for anybody else. Being a dancer includes many great things. For me it’s the chance to shine and express your true inner feelings. Or it’s to be a positive role model for girls. When I’m in the studio practicing my dances I can just let go of the world, and stress and be myself. I feel free.


  1. Fantastic post. A great start.

    I once heard a musician say, when asked his favorite type of music, "If music is from the heart, it's all jazz."

    Since you dance from your heart...guess you're a jazz dancer, yes?

    Stay dedicated - that's all(ways) yours!

  2. Thanks! I love jazz and hip-hip. They are my favorite. I like to move however i can. (: