Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Dance

Save the last dance?
Tonight I have my last dance class of the year. On May 8th I have dance recital. After tonight I will no longer go to dance until August. I will still dance on my own time. At our dance studio we have practice from August to May. Except the kids who have solos. My Older sister Sammy and I have a solo. We compete at the Iowa state fair about three times or more during the whole fair time. I really dont like taking a break from dance. Except my mom once told me "Its only a break if you make it a break." I asked her what that meant. And she just told me think about it. So I sat and thought about that. What I got out of that was that, For some the period without class is a break. But for me it doesn't have to be. So about twice a week i go out to my driveway with my CD player and practice some of my dances. I dont need a teacher to dance. I dance with my heart.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sammy And Maddy's Duet!

Me and sam do a duet every year. Sam is my older sister. She is fifteeen!
In the video she is the tan girl.... Im the pale girl!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tumbling (:

So today i leave school five minutes early because i have dance! That's always fun. I leave school today at three ten! My sister and I have to practice our acrobatic duet to the song melodic jingles. We preform lots of cool tricks. My favorite one is when she does a backbend, and i do a back bend on top of her! My favorite trick to do by myself has to be a back handspring. Because, I can go my own speed and jump high and sometimes i forget to use my hands so it turns out to be a back-tuck.

I <3 Tumbling!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Inspiration

Dance most people say it’s a hobby, but I call it a dedication. The feeling of when I just get done doing a flawless spin takes my breath away. Dancing is my escape. When good goes bad, I dance. I dance for myself, not for anybody else. Being a dancer includes many great things. For me it’s the chance to shine and express your true inner feelings. Or it’s to be a positive role model for girls. When I’m in the studio practicing my dances I can just let go of the world, and stress and be myself. I feel free.

About The Blogger

Im Maddy or Madeline, I prefer Maddy, but i don't always get my way. Im thirteen and addicted to dance. I take the classes of tap hip-hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical. Im also a power tumbler. I do back flips and fronts and everything in between. Dancing is my escape. I have been dancing for 11 years now! I plan to blog all the time.


<3 Maddy <3